First Time for Everything

No time was wasted during my first week interning at Edge Partnerships and its subsiding Edge Events.  I must admit that I was slightly intimidated by the multiple tasks assigned to me on a daily basis.  But I quickly realized this wasn’t some form of “testing the new intern”; this was event planning.

I had the privilege of assisting Edge with behind-the-scenes work for three separate events, two of which I was able to attend.  Before Edge, I had the stereotypical idea that event planning was a glamorous job that one person accomplishes by themselves.  That idea immediately changed as I started learning what it really takes to plan and put on a successful event.

Phone calls, ordering supplies, registering guests, set up and tear down were just a few of my responsibilities for assisting in planning a fundraiser, grand opening and conference.  To some people, these tasks might seem daunting or tedious.  While that may be true after two or more hours, I understood how crucial they were to the event.
Learning from Edge about event planning, I see how important it is to be one step ahead.  I was able to work on my personal communication skills and see firsthand how critical it is to clearly give and receive instructions.  The events I assisted on required long hours, excessive planning and a lot of hard work, all of which are needed to get the best results.  Assisting Edge with these events showed me that I do have a passion for event planning, and I am excited for my next new experience at Edge.

Edge Intern