Use social meeting to grow your business

Today’s small businesses continue to struggle with the use of social media. Owners are skeptical on its value and importance to their bottom line.

The question today is not, “Should I engage in social media.” Rather, it is, “How can I use the best social media platform to reach current and potential customers.”

There are many platforms available to reach a variety of clients. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, they all reach a different demographic. Zeroing in on which demographic you want to reach is the trickier part. So let’s go platform by platform to determine the best for your business.

Get your business face on Facebook

Facebook is the social media platform giant. With more than 1.1 billion users, Facebook offers many positives for promoting a business or yourself.

Here’s how to use Facebook most effectively:

  • Create a captivating cover photo and change it periodically
  • Make sure your logo fits in the box of the profile picture
  • Post every day
  • Post questions and information that is relevant to consumers
  • Create two-way conversations to keep it interesting

What not to do:

  • Have an inactive Facebook page
  • No cover photo
  • Blurry photos
  • Not posting consistently
  • Constantly promoting about yourself or your company

Facebook can be an asset for almost every business if done effectively. Big industry giants like Delta do a great job of posting valuable information and photos. Steer clear of Facebook if you cannot regularly provide valuable content for your consumers. Post photos and videos. Everyone loves visuals. Who doesn’t love to see or hear the latest from a favorite company?

Give a Tweet!

Twitter is a nonstop conversation with 500 million total users and 200 million considered active users. This is another great platform to have an impact. The demographic on Twitter is drastically different than any other social media platform.

How to use Twitter effectively:

  • Create a Twitter photo that fits in the box for the profile photo
  • Your bio should be witty and tell people who you are
  • Tweet 5 to 6 times a day
  •  Don’t Tweet irrelevant information
  • Don’t Tweet a novel; nobody reads it because it’s too long
  • Make sure the links work in your Tweet

What not to do:

  • Create an account and do nothing with it
  • Keep the egg profile photo
  • If you do Tweet, don’t Tweet everything in one hour
  • Have a direct message robot that automatically messages a thank you for the follow

Twitter should only be used for companies that are B2C. Twitter is a great way to promote sales and events. Create a hashtag for your event, but don’t make it too long. And don’t #hashtag #everything #in #a #sentence. Looks dumb, right?

Time to Link In

If you are looking for a more professional platform, LinkedIn is for you. LinkedIn has more than 238 million users. The unending job postings and message boards make it seamless to find future employees.

How to use LinkedIn effectively:

  • Complete your online profile completely
  • Complete all business profiles and keep it updated
  • Find all current contacts and link with them
  • Join relevant groups
  • Engage in the groups
  • Give recommendations

What not to do:

  • Not complete online profile
  • Connect with people you don’t know
  • Ask for recommendations from people who you do know

LinkedIn is a great social media platform and better known as the more professional platform.  The companies that are active on here can portray a more professional atmosphere online.

A Word about Apps

Don’t look over the photo apps that you may have on your phone. One app that can be a great use for companies is Instagram. What a fun way to engage with your customers. Posting photos and videos shows your clientele that you are human and not just a company.

How to use Instagram effectively:

  • Post photos daily
  • Be creative with videos
  • Post during events
  • Post more than company information

What not to do:

  • Post blurry photos
  • Post several photos in a row
  • Post videos that make no sense

Instagram is one of the newer media apps to enter the social scene. It was recently picked up by Facebook, proving that it is a viable social media tool. You can create hashtags on this as well which groups all photos together with that hashtag.

Of course, there are more than these four social media platforms, but these have proven themselves to be most effective. Make sure to also take a look into Google+, Pinterest and Vine.

So, when people ask you, “Why social media,” you have the answers … and, hopefully some positive results to report. Make sure to choose the platform that is best suited for you and your clients. Start out with one or two of the platforms for effectiveness. Have fun and don’t forget to keep it social.

Danielle Lenz