Top 10 Social Media Practices

Social media has proven to be an important and integral part of modern day business operations, and cannot be ignored. Today, most every successful business campaign includes social media tactics.

To help guarantee success, here are some important things to remember as you get started:

  1. Be familiar with all the social media platforms that will best represent your company/yourself, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  2. Be all in or get out. Nobody likes dead social media pages, so keep them updated frequently.
  3. On both your Facebook and Twitter pages, make the most of your cover photo. It is a prime spot to really show your customers who you are as a company.
  4. Engage in conversation on both other’s social media pages and on your own. Make sure to ask questions, post pictures and videos, Retweet, favor and like other updates.
  5. There is nothing more important than paying attention to all of the data and insights that help you track your social media pages. It will show you what your followers like to see, and you can tailor your posts accordingly.
  6.  Don’t sell too much on your posts. By sharing and Retweeting, your followers will see the value in your social media page.
  7. Have a plan and develop goals for your social media accounts. Don’t go into this blindly. If you are scattered all around, your followers will be too.
  8. Make sure your updates are timely and current. Don’t post an article that was written more than a year ago. There is probably an updated article on the same topic.
  9. Have someone in place at your company that is dedicated to your social media. Social media is constantly moving and a great way to stay connected with your followers. Have this person really embrace your culture and be a brand leader.
  10. Don’t forget about other forms of social media outside of Facebook and Twitter. Blogging is still popular and so are the other photo and video apps. If Pinterest is a way to connect with your consumers, do it.

An engaged social media audience starts with recognizing that it’s not all about you; it’s all about them. Great content is your most powerful weapon. Content that is engaging, with a clear call to action, is key.

Get to know your audience within each channel, and create something special for that audience. Ask for engagement that makes sense in the context of the content. For example, an announcement of a fundraising event might include a link to buy tickets.

It’s important to engage not only your majority audience but also the loyalists who take the time to share your messages. “Likes” and “shares” are easy to count, but it’s important to look at deeper relationships. Engagement encourages transactions and social interactions.

So whether it’s posting a cute photo on Facebook, posting a “top ten” list on Twitter or introducing one of your superstar physicians on LinkedIn, if you provide content that piques their interest, people will come and engagement will follow. Write here...

Danielle Lenz