What is SEO?

SEO – the acronym you’ve seen everywhere – stands for Search Engine Optimization. That clears things up, right? It’s arguably more confusing spelled out. In basic terms, SEO is the process of garnering traffic to your website from organic, or natural, search results on internet search engines like Google or Bing.

So what?

Understanding the basics of SEO can help direct a larger number of users to your web page. Content writing with SEO in mind helps search engines rank your material higher, meaning the link to your site is placed above other links with similar content.

How does SEO writing work?

It’s all about keywords, keywords and more keywords – the search words and phrases people use when searching for information on the internet.  For example, if you’re looking for black sneakers, chances are you’ll type “black sneakers,” making the keyword phrase “black sneakers.” Using this phrase in your article will make it easier for internet users to find.

The goal is to make it as readable and natural as possible. SEO writing can be difficult when you’re trying to incorporate keyword phrases that don’t sound natural, like “dog hypoallergenic white.” Many internet users search using incomplete, unnatural sentences. Try reading your article out loud before posting. Do be careful of overusing keywords, Google algorithms will discard content that is overwhelmed with keywords. 

SEO writing isn’t always a walk in the park, but it can help garner more visibility, more readers and better rankings for your website.






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