Instagram for your business

You know what they say: a picture is worth a thousand likes. Yep, you heard that correctly. We're talking about Instagram. Here, at Edge, we love sharing glimpses into our lives at the office — from cello concerts to our office dogs preparing for the solar eclipse. Seriously, everything is fair game when you're on the Edge.

Whether you are an Instagram professional or just launching your page, here are some tips to create a feed your followers will love:

Use Instagram Stories. An Instagram story is a feature allowing you to share a photo or video with your followers in a slideshow format but is only available for 24 hours. A story is not added to your home grid when you post

There are many ways to use the story feature. Bloggers typically use it as a way to talk directly to their readers in real time. They record a video of themselves talking as if the camera was their best friend. Others use them to post content they want to share but don't want it to appear on their home grids.

Another feature within your profile are Highlights.  Here, you can save your top performing stories in one spot for your followers to view at any time, similar to a highlight reel of sorts. You can create as many Highlights as you wish, and they appear above your photo grid.

Choose your hashtags wisely. Ask anyone how they feel about hashtags, and you'll get mixed reviews. Some people are hashtag crazy while others avoid them like the plague. This is why it's important to understand your follower base and determine if they use hashtags or not. As part of a recent update, users now have the ability to follow a hashtag. Any time the hashtag they follow is used it shows up in their feed.

Tag your location. Any time you tag your location, and your page is public, it appears in user searches for that area. More specifically, it appears in the location story within the explore page. Depending on your area, thousands of people view this story and you'll instantly gain more exposure.

Be active. Nothing is worse than an inactive social page. You have to be all in. If you're not active on your page, chances are your follower count will start to decline. Pick a posting strategy that works for you and resonates with your followers, whomever that may be. To that note, don't be an over-sharer, someone who posts at least a million times a day. No one needs to be updated that frequently. Save the best content for your feed.

Get creative. Instagram was born from the minds of creative people wanting to share their photos with the world. Experiment with filters, stickers, boomerang and video. The Instagram world is your oyster.

Engage with your followers. The beauty of social media is that it connects us in one place, no matter where in the world you are. Get to know your followers. If they comment on a photo, give them a like or respond to them. Follow their accounts and comment or like their photos. Create content that is interactive so that you get engagement from your followers.


Now get out there and start capturing moments to share on your page. You may not become an Instagram expert overnight, but with these tips you're on the way to a feed everyone enjoys.






Aaron Pumfery