Show Off Your Company Culture

Company culture is best described as your company’s personality. It’s the environment you’ve built for your employees and includes your company’s values and goals.

Creating a positive, collaborative company culture ensures your employees actually enjoy their time at work, and ultimately generate better work.

Before you write off prioritizing your company culture, consider the following:

A strong company culture can help with more than just your company’s reputation among workers and competition; it can actually help employee retention. If you build an environment that people want to work in, you can reduce costly employee turnover.

Increased morale means increased productivity, which improves your company’s health. Companies that encourage and recognize their employee’s hard work are more likely to receive consistently great work.

Now that you know why company culture is important, here’s how to take advantage of social media to showcase your business:

· #BTS everyone loves behind-the-scene shots, whether it’s for a movie or a company they admire. You can do this by showing off your office place – what’s fun and unique about it, and why the employees love it.

· Let your employees participate in social media takeovers. Feature an employee to host your social pages so they can share why they love working for your company. This works to appeal to prospective employees and clients.

· Tell everyone why they should want to work for you. It doesn’t matter what kind of company it is. What matters is highlighting your company’s greatest assets.

· Share what matters to you. Company social networking sites are a great opportunity to show your followers what’s important to you. Philanthropic work, team building activities or a state-of-the-art coffee maker in the break room all can engage your audience.

Company culture helps build your brand incorporate social media to show off how great your company is while developing a strong digital presence.

Edge Intern