Branding Broken Down

No matter the size of a business, building a brand is essential.  Your brand tells your customers what to expect and why it’s different from your competitors.

When defining your brand, answer these questions:

· What’s your mission?

· What’s your product or services unique selling point?

· What do your customers think of you?

· What qualities do you want your customers to associate with your company?

 Here’s how to create a brand in six simple steps:

1. Determine your customers. Understand who you’re talking to – their needs, goals and behaviors. What are their likes and dislikes, and how will you use this information to talk to them?

2. Create your identity. Develop the guidelines of your company voice and the tone you use when communicating with your customers.

3. Select a logo design that’s easy to place everywhere no matter the size. It is also helpful to draft templates to help standardize marketing materials and improve consistency.  

4. Get social! Build your social network presence and use it consistently. Before anything, choose platforms that align with how you plan to communicate your brands’ message as well as platforms used by your target audience.

5. Be reliable. Customers like brands they can count on to deliver a promise.

6. Be true, and be you. Today’s customers like transparent brands with strong values.

It’s easy for a company’s brand to take the backseat to clients, but building a strong brand is the best thing you can do for your business. By combining strategy and logic, you can build a unique and exciting brand.

Edge Intern