Agency Internships: What I Learned

Hey, it’s Lily here, the most recent intern to grace Edge. Having interned here for nearly a year, I’ve learned a thing or two. Since you’re dying to know about my time at Edge, I’ll tell you the most valuable pieces of knowledge I learned.

There is always something to do even on slow days. This leads me to doing anything from deciphering photos of food to match a client’s menu to going through an endless spreadsheet of media contacts. Hint: always ask for more work.

Busy days are the best days. Sounds backwards, I know, but when my to-do list is coming off the page, I am the most productive, stimulated and challenged. I leave work feeling proud of how much I accomplished even if I didn’t check everything off my list.

Questions are welcome, but do your research first. There have been plenty of times when I asked a question that could’ve easily been found somewhere else. It never hurts to ask a question, but always make sure you’re seeking out the answer before asking for it. 

Edits are not a personal attack. It’s nothing short of humbling to see a press release you wrote marked up in red pen. My best piece of advice is to get over it, make the edits and understand why what you wrote was incorrect.

Everything connects. I’ve been able to translate what I do at work to my school work, and I can bring my knowledge from the classroom to the office to benefit both Edge and our clients.

You get out of it what you put into it. It’s a cliché for a reason. While I have off days too, I come into the office every day driven to do anything that needs to be done. Don’t make it easy to look back and think, “I should’ve done more.” 

Dogs boost office morale. This one doesn’t need any explanation.

My transition to the real world will be no easy feat, but I know that interning at Edge has helped me build my professional and personal repertoire. 

Edge Intern