Building Your Content Strategy

Your business social media exists for two reasons: to share your brands messages and to deliver content your audience wants. Sounds simple, right? There’s a little more to it than that. Not only is creating unique, audience-focused content a challenge, but that content is easily lost in newsfeeds and search engines.

A solid, thorough content marketing strategy helps generate the results, traffic and engagement you want. Consider these steps when building your content strategy. 

Define your goals. You want to create great content for a reason, right? Define that reason by asking who, what, when, where and how you want to reach your followers and potential customers.

Determine your brand USP. That’s the unique selling point – you know, the reason why someone would pick your brand over any other brand. Once you figure out your USP, embrace it and run with it.

Run an audit or two. Before creating a fully fledged content strategy, look at your existing content strategy – what are you posting and when? Is it reaching who you want it to? Second, look at your competitors and observe similar traits, including what they post to see what works for them and what doesn’t.

Create user personas. Who do you want your content to reach? What are their likes, their dislikes, their needs? Creating a user persona can be done by looking at your existing customer base and making a representative sample, or if you’re just beginning your social media presence, create your ideal audience member.

Brainstorm keywords and topics. Step into your target audience’s shoes and define phrases and topics your audience currently talks about. Your brand can use these topics to base content on.

Identify the type of content your audience likes and where they want to see that content. Do they respond better to video content or written copy? Are they Facebookers, Tweeters or Instagrammers? When are they online and for how long?

Make a plan. There will be many drafts. An editorial calendar for your social media can last anywhere from a week to months ahead. This plan consists of specific posts for certain days or posts that touch on relevant topics. Think: Employee Spotlight Friday or your brands latest involvement in the community.

Develop an ad budget. If you’re concerned about your content being overlooked or not seen at all, consider taking advantage of your desired platforms ad manager. Create and schedule boosted posts, sponsored content and more.

Create content. Draft it all, the tweets, posts and captions.

Make a plan for your plan. Measuring your results is the only way to determine the success of your latest content strategy. Establish how you will measure your success, including anything from engagement rates to likes.

Share. Share your content strategy with other departments and update it as your business/brand grows and evolves.

A strong content marketing strategy won’t change your social media presence overnight. Gaining traffic and increasing your KPIs takes time. Every strategy needs consistent refinement and reworking.

Edge Intern