Social Media Ad Tools Explained

In a time when newsfeeds are more cluttered than ever, Edge knows it’s essential for your brand to take advantage of the variety of ads offered by each social platform. From Facebook to Twitter and everywhere in between, social media advertisements work to help build your brand and increase your digital presence.


Generating traffic and website conversions:

· Carousel ads feature 3-5 images or videos allowing the user to scroll through and direct users to your website. These ads can showcase specific products or tell a story through each image. Facebook can optimize your ad by featuring your most clicked on image to appear first.

· Canvas ads are interactive ads designed to capture the audience attention. They feature videos, photos and carousels allowing users to explore and interact with your brand.

· Product set ads, like carousel ads, display products to your specified target audience to create a personalized customer experience. Up to 40 products can be displayed to show off your brand offerings.

Increasing page engagement and page likes:

·         Page post engagement ads strive to push interactions via comments, shares, likes and reactions. This helps reach more people in your audience and extends to their friends, friends of friends and others.

·         Page like ads are used to increase the amount of likes on your page, thus generating future engagement. 

Building awareness:

· Brand awareness ads contribute to building your brand on Facebook. You can target people most likely to be interested in your ad and encourage them to learn more about your business.

· Local awareness ads reach people in your area, which is ideal for smaller local businesses, local events and deals.

· Event responses are ads designed to expose your event to a larger group of people.

· Offer claim ads are built to entice your audience and lure them to claim a promotional offer on your website or Facebook page.


Promoted tweets are regular tweets displayed to users who don’t already follow you on Twitter. They appear like normal tweets, allowing them to be retweeted and liked.

Promoted accounts, like promoted tweets, are exposed to people who don’t already follow you. They’re displayed directly on timelines and appear in the “who to follow” suggestions.

Promoted trends permit you to showcase a hashtag so your topic can make it in the most talked about subjects on the platform.

Types of Twitter ad campaigns:

· Tweet engagements increase conversation and engagement with your brand.

· Follower campaigns work to generate more followers.

· Awareness campaigns broaden your audience and allow you to pay for impressions.

· Video views campaigns aim to increase the number of users who watch your video content

· Conversion campaigns promote tweets with the goal of getting users to visit your website.


Picture ads are as simple as they sound. These sponsored posts can include calls to action and direct users to your brand’s website.

Carousel ads, similar to Facebook, allow your brand to showcase multiple photos and link to your website.

Interactive navigation ads take social media advertising to the next level. This tool allows viewers to interact with your brand without leaving the app.

Video ads let advertisers run with visual inspiration and appeal to a video content focused audience.

Now that you have an idea of the types of ads these top platforms offer, the next step is to determine your brand’s goals on social media. Then you can create a budget and advertising calendar. Mastering social media advertisements is no easy task, but it is one that pays off. Literally.

Edge Intern