Focus on your Client Relationships

Businesses commonly focus their resources on finding new business. A new project, however, does not always mean new clients. When a company focuses on building strong relationships with their clients, there is a greater chance for repeat business.

There is a variety of ways a business can be truly client-focused by using a series of key tools including:  

Trust & Communication

Nothing motivates repeat business or referrals more than a trust-based relationship. A client focus strategy built on trust allows for open communication. It is important to make your clients feel comfortable being open and honest.

Having effective communication between you and your client builds trust, and aligns expectations for each project. Being available when clients have questions or concerns demonstrates your clients’ projects and satisfaction are important to you.

Trust and communication provide a platform for a strong client relationship. It does not stop there, however.

Knowledge & Perseverance

Client relations are a continuous process. As you begin to build a new client relationship, understand they may not fully understand your area of expertise, just as you may not know everything about their industry. To display your dedication to your client and the project, sharing information helps the client understand fully.  

Keep in mind relationships take time. Getting to know your client and their industry, so you can speak the same language and prevent a miscommunication.  

 Edge Client Relationships

At Edge, our goal is to fully engage in our clients’ goals. By following these tools, we form lasting relationships with each of our clients from strategy development to tactical implementation. We guarantee results with a purposeful focus on measurable client success.